Health Insurance Plans Are Not Just For Those Who Can Afford It

ObamaCare expected to bring competitive pricing on the part of insurance companies.

For years now, the debate about the availability of health insurance plans for “all” Americans has raged on. Both sides are equally certain they are right, and they may well be if they are talking from their own personal experience. Nonetheless, one of the major issues Americans have not yet faced head-on is how to provide access to health care for everyone.

Health care is expensive. That is a no brainer. The solution involves competitive pricing on the part of insurance companies, something that is already happening thanks to the impending implementation of ObamaCare on January 1, 2014. While that may seem far away, it is just around the corner.

In anticipation of the influx of millions of people needing health insurance plans, many companies are pricing the products they offer now at lower rates to entice customers. Come 2014, insurance exchanges are mandated to offer lower priced insurance. In some respects, this will be a win-win situation for Americans wondering what to do about health insurance if they are uninsured by chance or by choice.

These past few years have been rough on everyone, with families and individuals scrambling to cut costs anywhere they could. Many stopped paying for health insurance. Some discovered, the hard way, that not having health insurance did not save them money, not when they needed a doctor. Instead, they were stuck with sky high medical bills and no realistic way to pay them.

Some opted to do without some things that they regarded as extras but still keep their health insurance, though in some cases they selected plans with less coverage. These individuals managed to get through the worst of the economic crisis and still know that if they needed to use their health insurance, it would cover them to a certain extent. Their bills at the end of the day were not as catastrophic as those with no insurance at all.

With the nation in turmoil, the health care system seriously overtaxed with people who could not pay their share of costs, something had to give. ObamaCare may make inroads into this situation, as its major thrust is that health care is for the less fortunate as well. “Will it work? Who knows? Let’s find out,” said Clelland Green with Benepath, a leader in provider health insurance quotes.

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