Tell the Truth and Nothing But on Health Insurance Applications

Falsehoods on forms could result in cancelled policies or insurance fraud suits.

There’s no shortage of forms to fill out when applying for new health insurance coverage. Regardless of the carrier, most forms have a spot where applicants are asked to list “pre-existing conditions.” This is usually the point where some decide to not admit to having asthma or gloss over mental health issues, while others disclose everything up front. Which person do you think will get the most accurate quote for health insurance?

If you said the person who revealed all, you’d be right. The person who left some information out would have a lower quote, because the insurance company did not have all of their relevant health history. However, if that insurance plan is purchased, based on one or more falsehoods, and the individual gets caught later, the insurance company will cancel their policy.

It is vitally important for you to answer all of the questions on health insurance applications honestly. If you don’t understand what the term “pre-existing conditions” means, ask someone to explain it. These forms need to be accurate, as they provide a guideline for the estimated costs of your insurance. If you leave something out, you run the risk of losing your insurance and being embroiled in an insurance fraud lawsuit.

There are circumstances where people make genuine errors, and in those cases, the insurance company is more than willing to work with you to sort things out. They understand that not everyone is familiar with insurance jargon and that mistakes do happen. The last thing you need to do is make a willful error on your application form and find out the insurance company refuses to do business with you ever again. Things like that get around, and once it does, other insurance companies may decline to insure you as well. Is it worth lying about your health on your insurance application?

While you may end up paying a few more dollars in health premiums, it is worth the extra investment, because it is an investment in your current and future health and wellness.

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