Rubber Flooring Is the Perfect Answer for Children’s Play Areas

When considering your flooring choices for your kids’ play area, a rubber floor is great idea. The best feature of a rubber floor is its springiness; it has the ability to dent and flex when needed. It provides superior cushioning, absorbing impact and protecting little ones when they fall. Another benefit of rubber flooring is it’s slip-resistant, even when wet.

Maybe your vision of a rubber floor is black and boring. In reality, rubber flooring comes in a variety of vibrant colors and varying styles and thicknesses. You can buy it as a roll or in the form of interlocking mats. With so many options in color and design, your kids will be able to help decide how the flooring in their playroom looks.

Even non-residential spaces use rubber flooring to brighten up their play areas. Some business, like McDonald’s, can brand the matting with their logo and/or their design. It’s good advertising, plus it’s easy to keep clean. From pet accidents to spilled drinks, there is no challenge too big for rubber flooring.

Impact is not the only thing absorbed by rubber flooring; parents will love rubber because it absorbs sounds instead of reflecting them. While this does not mean sounds are completely eliminated, they are definitely toned down, which is music to the ears of parents.

As for maintenance, this is one easy floor to clean, largely due to the fact that it is stain and dirt resistant. Throw in a bit of routine cleaning with a broom, and you’re good to go. If you want to, you can use mild soap and water. That’s how easy it is to keep clean.

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