Even Uninsured Can Find Affordable Health Insurance

ObamaCare means everyone will need to find appropriate health insurance coverage.

While time consuming, finding affordable health insurance is possible. And now that the Supreme Court has sided with the federal government and backed mandatory health insurance, it is time to start looking for what you need when there are still some choices to be made. No one knows for sure what choices may be available with the insurance exchanges set to go into operation in 2014.

If you take your time looking for what you need, chances are you will be successful and find a plan you can afford, even on a limited budget. First, take a hard look at your budget, and figure out the maximum you can afford to spend. Write out a list of all your regular expenses, and factor in an emergency fund, for those “just in case moments” we all have in our lives. Once you see the numbers on paper and have everything covered off, you’ll have an idea what you can spend on insurance premiums. Next, check what other options are open to you. For instance, are you able to get health insurance from an employer? Group premiums are always less expensive.

If group insurance is not an option, check with the local social services office. They often have good information on other alternatives for you. Your state may also have low cost affordable programs designed for people on tight budgets. You never know until you ask. Ideally, you want the lowest deductible possible and need to know if it covers pre-existing conditions. The most important thing you are looking for is what the policy actually covers, which is why, when you find one, you must read the fine print to completely understand what is covered.

Do not assume anything about an insurance policy. Ask questions. Read everything thoroughly and ask more questions. It is your money and your health. Don’t avoid the fine print and just assume what you need is in the policy. It might cost you later.

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