Slate Tile is a Good Choice for a Natural Looking Floor

If you want a certain quiet elegance to make a statement about your home, choose slate tiles.

There is nothing quite like slate tiles to make your home a really ‘with it’ place. Imagine using tiles both inside and out, adding that modest touch of natural, with the quiet whisper of nature in each room. Additionally, this is one of the easiest tiles to take care of, a bonus for those with hectic lives, kids and pets. Let’s face it, we all have enough to do these days to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads to spend too much time worrying about what our floors look like.

Slate tile is a natural stone, often cut from slabs of slate. In the raw, you will recognize this stone by its intriguing layers. It’s the layering that many homeowners appreciate, as each layer often contains bands of different color, created by different mineral deposits. This offers an interesting ambiance for your rooms, and often turns people’s attention to the beauty of your floors, as no two tiles are alike, but yet they all blend into an overall presence of elegance.

Resale value on a home with slate flooring is quite respectable too. If you want to make a difference in how your home presents for a possible sale, consider upgrading your floors and use slate tiles. Chances are when you see how great they look, you might decide to stay and get reacquainted with the new look of your home.

Families typically need flooring that is durable and can take what it thrown at it and drops on it. Slate is ideal, as it is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years. In fact, the floor may last longer than the owner lives in the house, and if you have kids and pets, this floor does not show nicks, scratches, dings, denting, chew marks or anything else that would damage its beauty.

The nice bonus is that it is stain resistant and any spills or gifts from the pets that land on the floor are easily wiped up. All you need to do is use warm water and white vinegar to buff up your floor’s natural shine and get rid of any dirt build up over the week. In other words, unless your household is a high traffic area and you run a day care, you don’t have to do your floors daily. Once a week is enough and they will pass muster, even with your fussy mother-in-law.

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