Exclusive Insurance Leads Respond Well to Top Products in Your Arsenal

Exclusive insurance leads are a bit like a captive audience. Wow them with your products.

Just getting started in the insurance business? No worries. Just keep in mind that the most important resource to build your business is exclusive insurance leads – hands down. Yes, you could find those leads on your own, if you are so inclined. The trouble with that is there is no real support there for you, not without a network of satisfied customers to keep your name front and center via word-of-mouth.

These days, to save money in the long run, and make more while you are at it, you want to invest in exclusive insurance leads, the kind that come to you in real time, pre-qualified and ready to buy. In other words, the leads you want are the ones who are dedicated buyers, actively looking for insurance. They are ready to buy, know what they want and need, and will buy. They may not buy immediately, but that’s not a problem. Just keep working that lead, because typically, within about four to six weeks, a decision to purchase will be made.

Why do you want exclusive leads? You want exclusive leads because these are the ones that do pay off, provided you work them of course. While there is nothing wrong with the regular, run-of-the-mill leads, they are not as lucrative as the exclusive ones. Shared leads are just that, shared with many other agents, all working the same names. You can well imagine how effective that isn’t.

On the other hand, with exclusive leads, only you have the person’s contact information. Now that effectively gets rid of your competition, and opens the door to a good dialogue, simply because they have not had seven other agents calling them for the same thing. If a potential customer feels overwhelmed, and who wouldn’t with a wide variety of insurance companies calling them, they usually avoid the whole business of making a decision about buying anything. It’s just too much of a hassle for them.

When you are the only person to phone, have all the information they need, know your product line intimately and answer all their questions, guess who is likely to make the sale? Right, you do. Why spend time trying to search for and qualify your own leads. The time you spend doing that drops your commission significantly, and you are not in the business to lose money. While investing in exclusive leads does cost a bit more, it makes you more money, because the rate of conversion is higher. Exclusive insurance leads are a smart business investment.

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