Australian Cypress Flooring is Great for Kids and Dogs

If you have kids and dogs, it only makes sense to have flooring that takes a beating. Australian cypress fits the bill.

These days, people are putting more into their homes to upgrade and invest in them, largely because their home is a major asset. One of the smartest moves to make, if you want to increase the value of your home for resale, or just want to make it look even better, is to upgrade your flooring. If you have a lively family that is always on the go tracking in and out of the house, you might want to consider Australian cypress flooring for your upgrade project.

While some prefer natural stone for their flooring, there are just as many others that love the look of wood flooring. For those with a yen for hardwood floors, you will love the unique look of Australian cypress, largely because it has an unusual variety of tones that make it stand out from the usual kinds of hardwood. It will make everyone who sees it, ask about it, if not get busy and do their own homes with it.

A word about the tones that lurk in this flooring. This refers to the wide variety of hues and shades this striking wood comes in. For instance, it ranges from honey brown to a rich cream, which, when laid, creates arresting contrasts and a variety of shades. It is so unusual, you will want to do more than just one room with the delicate, yet tough, intricately patterned hardwood.

Look for knots and whorls, various patterns, slashes of color, and tones of creamy coloring that create a homey ambiance in any room. If you are fond of the rustic look, this flooring will be the right choice for you. It is not only interesting, but seems to have its own story to tell as it takes up the job of making your rooms look their very best.  But, Australian cypress flooring is not just another pretty face. It is tough, rugged, durable and hard; a superb choice for those high traffic areas in your home. It stands up to just about anything, including dogs, cats, kids and the odd lizard or two.

For warmth, durability, quiet elegance and character, consider choosing Australian cypress flooring. You can either install it yourself, or if you have concerns about that, contact a Tampa flooring and tile installation company and discuss what you want done. You will love the unique look of this wood.

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