Tile Rugs are Quite Eye Catching Reports Champion Tile and Marble, Tampa

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, try upgrading the flooring to make its personality come alive.

“There are a whole lot of things you can do in the kitchen to upgrade the floor. Perhaps go with porcelain tile, a stone tile pattern, cork flooring or even laminate. But the most elegant of all the upgrades is a tile rug. They aren’t that common and are they ever a conversation piece,” suggested indicated Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, a tile installation company.

Redoing the kitchen is about giving the room a style all of its own. It’s the heart of the home, the gathering place for everyone and a special place to relax, visit and eat. What would be better than upgrading the floor to make it appear like there was a mosaic rug laid down? Mosaic tile used in a complimentary manner to offset the shape and design of the kitchen is hugely popular.

“You can start by using a large tile, and pair it with a complimentary mosaic tile. For instance, both could be the same material if you prefer, but in differing sizes. Or if you want to really make a statement, use a completely different material, such as glass. The nice thing about being versatile and thinking out of the box is that your tile rug will be one of a kind; a really appealing, eye catching addition to the kitchen,” Dupre added.

Plan the pattern for the tile rug before the materials are purchased. There is no sense buying too much or too little of the various components and finding out later the job comes up short. Also ensure the right type of adhesive is used by reading the instructions in advance of starting the job.

“If you tackle something like this on your own, work with a pattern. Take the time to plot it out with great care. It needs to go down right the first time and if you don’t read all the instructions, you might find yourself making a run to the store to get something you forgot,” remarked Dupre. Many homeowners, not really wanting to see if they have the chuztpah to do-it-themselves, will often consider hiring this kind of work out. They realize that getting a tile rug done the right way is pretty important in terms of the look of the finished project.

The idea of a tile rug is to create it under the main eating area. The pattern is laid in that area and can have a decorative border to set it off. Ideally, it will set off the rest of the kitchen and pull everything together in a nice, harmonious blend of color and textures. “Start laying floor tile in the rest of the room in the usual straight set pattern. When you get to the tile rug location, use your imagination and go diagonal, use a different material or a mixture of tile sizes. Play with it on paper first and when you get down to the nitty-gritty, you will know exactly what to do,” he said.

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