It might be 50 percent Air, but Cork Flooring is a Good Green Option

You’d think Tampa flooring with air in it would disintegrate and be hard to keep. Not so.

One of the latest and more popular choices for Tampa flooring is cork. Yes, cork, from the cork oak tree. What many people do not realize is that it is one of the toughest, most sustainable floors around. It’s also watertight, so it performs really well in places like the laundry room, the kitchen, the sun room and the bathroom. That doesn’t mean you have to limit where you put the flooring, because its natural color makes it a superior blend with just about any décor you have in mind. Talk about versatility.

If you have a family and pets, then you want durable floors. Oddly, since most people think cork crumbles easily, cork flooring is really tough and takes a lot of pounding. In fact, this kind of flooring will last for years and still look as good as the day it was laid. One of the main reasons cork flooring is so rugged is the production process. The wood’s volume is reduced using gas compression. When the pressure is released, it springs back, looking good, which explains why it can take the five dogs and seven cats thundering around on it, while playing with the kids.

This kind of flooring is really nice looking and very strong, but it has another feature that appeals to homeowners: insulation. If you want to reduce your energy costs, try cork flooring. It will also dampen down the noise level with the kids and pets. Nice.

You would think that flooring that is literally 50 percent air would not be all that tough. Contrary to that popular myth, the secret lies in the compression, and in the fact that it reduces body heat you lose through your feet. That also means heat loss in any room you lay cork flooring, will be significantly reduced. No more cold floors in the winter months and lower heating bills. Bet you could sure live with that.

If you want yet another benefit of going with cork flooring, you will be pleased to note that it does not allow fire to spread. It also does not release any noxious gases if it does happen to catch a slow burn. You also won’t find any termites or other bugs in this flooring. It’s a natural bug repellent.  You’re probably thinking this kind of flooring is going to cost a mint. Nope. It’s at very reasonably prices, and actually costs less than other kinds of wooden flooring choices. It’s even considered to be a great alternative to laminates and real wood. Now that is a pretty significant benefit on its own.

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