Consider Accident Health Insurance Plans

Another alternative you might want to consider is accident health insurance plans.

These health insurance plans are rapidly gaining in popularity, as they are considered to be very practical. However, they are also found in the indemnity category, and not the insurance category, meaning an indemnity will pay out for damages, injuries or loss, in cash to the insured or the health care provider. These are pretty good plans, and are guarantee issue, so you don’t have to answer a whole bunch of health questions when you want to sign up. So far, this is looking pretty attractive.

What about ER care, urgent care or choosing a doctor? Good news; those with this type of health insurance plan get benefits with any doctor or ER at any hospital or any urgent care facility. They may choose their benefit amounts, ranging from a face value of $2,500 to $10,000 and this is the amount paid per injury accident. The typical deductible is $100 dollars and any other bills are paid to the maximum of the policy. An example would be an individual needing a broken arm set. They would only be out of pocket by $100 and could choose their surgeon for the $6,000 to $8,000 surgery.

This type of accident insurance, also called by several other names, is based on a membership plan and has monthly payments or dues. It is made very clear when someone signs up for a plan that is not insurance in the traditional sense, but an accident medical expense plan. The other thing to note is that this kind of plan is specifically for injuries – period. If you have ever had a high deductible plan and landed in the ER for something, you know just how many bills will follow you home.
The major benefits of plans like this are everyone is qualified up to age 64 to buy one without answering a whole bunch of questions and their monthly dues are very affordable, not to mention the fact that the benefits are paid in combination with any licensed medical professional or facility. For many people who are not able to afford traditional health insurance coverage, this may help them out.

If you like the idea of flexible coverage for a low price, benefits that make sense economically and being able to pay a reasonable monthly due, this may be an viable alternative for you. It might well be worth checking out.

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