Affordable Health Insurance Begins with Choosing the Right Insurance Company

It’s not enough to just know what you want when you choose affordable health insurance. Check out the company too.

When people are in a rush to buy health insurance because they know they need it or are running out of time to get it, thanks to health care reform, they sometimes don’t pay attention to where they are buying it. They look at policies, think to ask questions about co-pays and deductibles, about what is covered and what is not, but don’t check on the company selling the policies. How do you know when you are dealing with a good company?

At first, you won’t have much of an idea which company is which unless you have the low-down from a friend or family member. Fair enough, but hang tight on choosing a company until you know more about other companies as well. First, start by looking for affordable health insurance online. There are, as you will soon discover, a whole lot of websites selling insurance; some are reputable, some may not be. There are large, medium and smaller companies as well. Don’t count out anyone until you see what they have to offer.

This isn’t intended to imply that you need to spend forever and a day searching for affordable health insurance. Just start the process of finding what you want by asking for four to five quotes. This will give you a base to compare policies and companies. Anything more than six companies and things get really confusing, unless you are a whiz at reading insurance jargon. Frankly, most people would rather have a root canal than read too much insurance language.

Start with your first set of quotes and you will begin to see that prices vary quite widely. The reason is insurance the industry is competitive, and many companies are willing to offer good pricing to attract and keep customers. The main point is that by comparing the pricing and the tone, attitude, professionalism and customer service, you can get a fix on the company, and whether or not they might be the ones you want to do business with. There is no hurry to choose, so take your time and find a company you feel confident will be there for you when you need them.

Just remember that before you start, you need to know what you want, and that what you want will be priced differently by each insurance company. This is why it is vitally important that when you ask for quotes from various companies, you give them all the same information. Also understand that the quote is just that; a quote. It may change if you have forgotten to mention an illness or that you smoke or are overweight or take drugs for asthma.

It’s common for people to not mention they take drugs when they don’t use a medication very often or don’t think about it when they ask for a quote. Just be honest, and the quote you get will be close enough to a final price when you make your buying decision.

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