Connecticut Eye Surgery Centers Noted for Serious Mistakes that Could Risk Patient Safety

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has found eye surgery centers around the state that have failed to report serious errors to patients and have inadequate sanitation. The Constitution Eye Surgery Center East in Waterford was fined for performing surgery in the wrong eyes of two patients. The center failed to notify the patients of the error and did not alert state authorities either.

In some cases, the wrong lens was implanted or the surgery mishaps were discovered during the procedure. But in all cases, the patients or their loved ones should have been made aware. In a separate incident, a patient was administered Versed, which the patient was allergic to. Three medical staff had noted this on the patient’s records but the nurse went ahead and gave the medicine. No evidence was available that showed the patient or their loved ones were notified of the incident.

DPH inspectors also noted record-keeping violations at the center. They reviewed a sample of 22 records and found 18 incomplete records. Inaccurate or incomplete records can lead to mishaps and patient harm. The Waterford facility must issue a correction plan for each violation to the state.

In Bridgeport, the Robbins Eye Center also had an incident where the doctor performed eye surgery on the wrong eye. The DPH report noted that the center did not investigate how this occurred or what steps would be taken to prevent this from happening again. Follow up after surgery was also inadequate and a substantial number of patients were not assessed by either an anesthesiologist or a registered nurse after surgery. The state found that their Post Anesthesia Care Unit Manager was not even a licensed nurse and did not have proof of work experience in a surgery facility.

Inadequate sanitation was also a concern at the Bridgeport facility. DPH’s inspector found that their infection control procedures were not updated since 2007 and they did not have an infection control nurse. Also, when staff was cleaning up the operating room from a surgery, other staff were prepping and opening sterile packages for the next surgery. Infection control guidelines state that operating rooms should be fully cleaned before preparations are made for the next procedure. With all of these violations, this facility must also send a corrective action plan to the DPH.

All these incidents put patients at risk for infections and serious complications. When facilities or their staff fail to provide a standard of care or adequate services to prevent harm, they can be liable for medical malpractice and injuries they cause because of their carelessness or negligence. Patients and their loved ones have the right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for their pain and suffering, medical bills, and other related costs.

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