A Red Light Means Stop No Matter What

Far too many people run red lights with disastrous consequences.

When people see someone run a red light and actually manage to squeak through the intersection and not get involved in a crash, they just think the person is lucky. Stop and think about what could have happened, and you will realize what red light cameras also capture – the ugly aftermath of a possibly fatal crash. People who go through red lights are not always lucky enough to keep on going. They often wind up seriously injured or death. They may also end up killing or injuring others.

If you want to see some really disturbing footage of red light runners and the havoc they create, try visiting this link to a YouTube video that clearly demonstrates the ramifications of running a red light sober or not. While it may be hard to watch, it points out how deadly those unexpected, “where did that guy come from” kind of accidents can be. (http://oldnortheast.patch.com/articles/red-light-cameras-record-car-crashes#youtube_video-8774535)

While you do not see the victims of these crashes, you can imagine what the consequences might be particularly when you look at the high impact wrecks. This footage was filmed in Florida but it could just as easily have been filmed at any intersection, in any town, city, county, village or municipality in America. The fact is that thousands of people die and more than 100,000 are badly injured in collisions involving a red-light runner.

The intent of red light cameras is to help save lives. Judging from the video footage that did not happen, but the point is that red light cameras are there to catch those who run lights by capturing their license plate number. A summons is issued later. Those are the runners that made it through the intersection without getting creamed. The ones that don’t make it are the ones occupying hospital beds later and calling their insurance company, if they have insurance.

Typically, although red light runners still abound, cities that use them find there is up to a 24 percent reduction in traffic fatalities. The revenue from catching those who go through a red light is often quite staggering. For instance, in the state of Florida, the cameras generate at least $3 million in revenue, dispersed to their general fund, brain and spinal cord research and into a trauma center trust fund.

Three million? That should shock everyone that reads this statistic. Just think how many red light runners that represents that made it through the intersection alive; some of whom will go and do it all over again, and maybe not be so lucky another time. The bottom line? Do not run red lights. You may not live to tell the story.

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