Car Features Should Focus on Safety and Not as Much Infotainment and Multitasking Safety Advocates Warn

New vehicles come with many bells and whistles, but for many auto safety advocates, new cars are coming with too many infotainment gadgets and not enough safety features. Bluetooth devices and voice commands allow for hands-free communication, but these features can still create distractions they say. Add to that social networking technology and video screens in dashboards, and it can make for a driving experience that is focused on convenience and entertainment versus just getting to your destination safely.

With pressure mounting on automakers, they are starting to include more state-of-the-art safety features. Some are still optional upgrades, but advocates hope many of these features become standard. Items such as backup cameras and electronic stability control can help drivers prevent accidents. New lane-keeping systems are being developed to trigger a steering wheel to vibrate if a driver has drifted outside a lane. And for those who get too tempted to use their phone while driving, some automakers are offering a feature that blocks phone calls through the vehicle’s phone system – this is a “Do Not Disturb” feature for the modern era.

“Safety features are getting better and more intelligent as auto technology progresses,” said Lee Rogers of the Florida Insurance Group. “They also help cut down your auto insurance costs, so it benefits you in many ways.”

Parents will like to hear that automakers are including features that prevent speeds of more than 65 miles per hour and a control that keeps the sound system low until the front seat occupants put on their seatbelt.

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