Affordable Health Insurance May Be Around the Corner

Health care reform is still the number one topic in the news. Ultimately, should it remain in place, all Americans will have access to affordable health insurance.

It is a grand idea to make sure everyone in America has a health insurance plan. Even just saying those words brings a thrill of expectation to the millions without health insurance. Question: will there really be affordable health insurance in 2014? Will the states have plans available subsidized by the government? Will the states and the government be able to afford this new arrangement?

These are all good questions, but no one seems to really have an answer. Many feel it makes sense to allow everyone the chance to access affordable health insurance, but they are dead set against the bill for a variety of reasons with the major one being the fine. It is hard to imagine being fined because you do not have a health insurance policy, but that is the idea. If you do not have health insurance in 2014 you will be fined. This will apply whether or not you can afford it or if you choose not to have it.

Those who remain uninsured because they choose to be uninsured, are often people who do not want to pay any extra costs relating to insurance, even they may be able to cover the expense of an affordable health insurance plan. These individuals feel it is their right to choose what works for them, and the government has no business dictating what they should do. If the reform provisions are still in place by 2014, if you have not found an affordable health insurance plan by then, you will be fined every year.

Consider this: no matter what you do, buy health insurance or not, you will still face extra costs for health care by the time 2014 rolls around. How so? As it stands today, most families are unable to squeeze an extra amount of money out of their budget to get health insurance. By 2014, those same families will be forced to have insurance or forced to deal with the costs of not being insured. If you want some control over your choice of health insurance, now is the time to find something that works for you and your family.

There is one other thought you might want to think about, and that is what kind of coverage will be in the state plan. Who knows? Acting now will ensure you have a policy you choose with the coverage you want and need.

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