Vascular PRN Offers New Portable DVT Pump to Medical Professionals

Vascular PRNSM now offers a new product for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) therapy. The Polygel Ca5 DVTCare System is an innovative way to prevent DVT in the lower extremities since it is portable. The lightweight, athrombic pump utilizes sequential compression to stimulate the veins and lessen the risk of blood clots.

“This is a very effective way for patients to continue to get the treatment they need, whether they are taking a walk, riding in a car, or on a long plane ride,” said Greg Grambor, president of Vascular PRN. “You can wear it like a shoulder bag, have your calf wraps on, and get therapy for the eight hours of battery time.”

The pump is about the size of a book and it has a variable pressure setting so that the pressure can be adjusted to the doctor’s prescription and patient comfort levels. The system comes with three chamber knee high wraps and is made in the United States.

“Doctors can say goodbye to SCDs that are heavy and can only hang on bed rails,” said Grambor. “These portable DVT systems are just as efficient in achieving blood flow in a patient’s legs.”

In the long-term care setting, the system allows the patient to walk or be taken in a wheelchair on trips for bathing, toileting, dining, and more without interrupting therapy.

The price for the portable Polygel Ca5 DVTCare System is also lower than a standard DVT pump. And after a patient uses up the eight hours of battery time for dual leg therapy, he or she can plug it into an outlet for continued, stationary use. The battery recharges in three hours.

Vascular PRN has decades of experience helping nursing homes, surgery centers and hospitals, managed care organizations, and other institutions with their DVT product needs. To learn more about a Sequential Compression Device, SCD boots, or Lymphedema boots visit or call 800.886.4331.

To learn more about a Sequential Compression Device, SCD boots, or Lymphedema boots, visit or call 800.886.4331.

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