Review Insurance and Other Potential Costs When Buying an Investment Property

With home prices and interest rates so low, people who are looking to make some extra money are tempted to buy an investment property. The property can then be rented out to make some extra cash. With stocks and home values unstable, some are seeing rental properties as a great way to earn income in retirement.

Rental properties can be a great investment if they are in high-demand areas and a person does thorough research to ensure they are getting a good deal. Nationwide, there is demand for renting as many people either have to walk away from their home or cannot qualify to take advantage of the buyer’s market in real estate. Average monthly rent is up 2.5 percent from a year earlier and is an average of $846 a month.

Financial and real estate advisers recommend that you research the ability to get 1.25 percent of the purchase price for rental income each year. Sometimes you can research what going rents are in an area by checking out Craigslist or websites like Finest Expert. It is also recommended to drive around the neighborhood to see how many for rent signs are up and if the area is burdened with a lot of short sales or foreclosures. These can be signs that the area might not be able to help you attract a renter in a timely manner.

Individuals interested in investment properties have to be prepared for all the responsibilities of a rental property. Build a cushion of at least three months reserves to find a renter and account for any repairs. You need to also set aside monies for taxes and insurance. As you become a landlord, it is critical that you call your Florida home insurance agent to review the costs of this type of property. Non-owner occupied properties are classified as riskier to insure, so it will cost you more than the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. It is important to make sure the insurance is in the same name as the property title, so double check if you bought the property as an LLC or as an individual.

You will want to review property insurance, liability coverage, and any flood or hurricane policies that can be relevant in your area of Florida. It is more important to get the best coverage possible than being cheap and having surprises later on with your homeowner’s insurance.

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