Laying Ceramic Tile Over Existing Tile is Possible if Done Carefully Says Champion Tile and Marble

Do-it-yourself homeowners like to save time when laying ceramic tile, and often will lay it over existing tile.

“It’s not hard to lay ceramic tile over existing tile, but you do need to take care and take your time if you want an exceptional result and look,” remarked Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

Typically, before even trying to put down a ceramic tile floor over existing tile, the condition of what is already down must be taken into consideration. If the existing tile is in good condition, the task will be a bit easier. Ceramic tile must be able to have a good and secure bond to what material is under it. “What you need to check to see if it is in good condition is to find out if the current flooring is still stuck to the subflooring and you don’t get hollow sounds underneath it. If those two things check out, you’re pretty much good to go,” Dupre commented.

The next step is to thoroughly clean the floor to get rid of any grease or dirt before putting anything on top of it. When done, scuff up the tile and grout to help the new mortar stick to the old tile. “Remember to trim your door jams as well, as adding tile on top of an existing floor usually raises the level,” cautioned Dupre. Throw in a new threshold plate and things should work well.

If the existing floor is not in good condition, then start the removal process by getting a sturdy pair of safety glasses. “This is not a fun job and if your eyes are not protected, you’re asking for trouble when you chip the existing tile away,” said Dupre.

If the subflooring is wood, and it was installed on cement backer board, this is a bonus. It is easier to remove. However, tasks such as chipping out the old flooring are better in the hands of a qualified Tampa flooring contractor, as they will ensure the results are professional.

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