Insurance Leads Need to Be Worked Until They Are Exhausted

Never give up an insurance lead until it is truly exhausted. Often it takes people up to six weeks to decide to buy.

One of the hardest things for a new insurance agent, and sometimes this applies to seasoned ones as well, is closing a lead. While they may have plenty of insurance leads, they lack the ability to close, which means spending money on leads is a waste of time. The simple truth is that if you want to be successful selling insurance, you need to work your leads and have the ability to close a sale. If you do not have that, then find out fast how to do it because your success depends on it.

If you do not know how to work a qualified, fresh insurance lead on the phone, here are some tips:

– Pay attention to how people respond
– Listen to what they are saying
– Listen to how they are saying it
– Realize the person on the phone is only a stranger until you speak to them
– Realize the person you are speaking to opted in to get a phone call about insurance and are expecting to talk to an agent
– Keep your phone call conversational, not a major sales pitch for insurance
– If you ask them a question about what they want or wish to spend, wait for the answer as it will have lots of information for you to use to close the sale immediately, or come back later when they are ready
– If you experience heavy resistance despite the fact they opted in for a phone call and asked for information, move on.
– You cannot force someone to buy insurance. They either want to or they do not.

You will get a good feeling on how to do this the more you do it. If you listen carefully to what people are saying, even if you cannot see their body language, you will learn to pick up signals and clues that tell you if your insurance lead is ready to buy now or later.

If your leads are not ready to buy right away, make sure you set up a follow-up system to keep working your leads until they buy or decide they will not buy anything now. In other words, stay organized and keep track of who you have spoken to and what was said. The information you may pick up in a phone call, or several phone calls, may be just what you need to close a sale later.

Do not be discouraged when you get turned down. Many times the lead is not saying “No,” but is saying “No, not right now.” Learn to distinguish the difference and your sales track record will be phenomenal. For the right kind of exclusive insurance leads, check out

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