With More People Now Renting It Pays To Protect Valuables With Renters Insurance Says Florida Insurance Group

With the current economy, many individuals and families are looking to rent rather than own a home. Renting a home or apartment can be a great way to save money. As the lease goes by, many people forget that a big part to renting an apartment is keeping all the valuables safe. Renters can protect their belongings by getting renters insurance.

“The easy way to know how much coverage you will need is to do a checklist room by room of the most important valuables,” said Orlando renters insurance and Orlando home insurance agent Lee Rogers from the Florida Insurance Group. “Renters insurance is very inexpensive and will protect you in case of a theft, fire, or other incident.”

The Insurance Information Institute reported that only half of all renters have renters insurance. More than 37 million people rent according to the U.S. Census, which means that more than 18 million do not have protection for their valuables.

“How would you replace these belongings?” asked Rogers. “Do you have enough of an emergency fund to buy new furniture, electronics, jewelry, and more?”

Many people assume that the landlord is responsible if a catastrophe was to occur, but that is not the case. Only the outer walls are covered by the landlord along with any big fixtures or appliances; everything inside the four walls is up to the renter. At an average insurance rate of $173 a year, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners equates having this type of insurance to the cost of dinner once a month.

“Renter’s insurance helps with living expenses should the rental be damaged and you have to live in a temporary place,” said Rogers. “It also protects against injuries that might occur in your rental and pay legal costs if you would be taken to court because of it.”

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