Various Marble Colors and Price Points Can Make a Big Difference for a Home Renovation

Torn over what to choose when you remodel your bathroom? Try Tampa marble or composite marble.

Marble is grand, elegant, timeless and almost ethereal in its look. It can add so much character to your bathroom, so make it a serious contender on the remodeling check list. It has been around for centuries and will be around for at least that length of time or longer.

This type of rock is easy to work with, polishes to perfection and gives every room it graces a visual punch that all will appreciate. While most often it comes in white, there is a rainbow of other colors and hues to choose from, including purple and brown. And the thing that really enhances its beauty for homeowners and Tampa marble contractors are the crystal swirls embedded in the stone. Yes, marble is highly sought after. However, there is another, more budget conscious alternative.

You might want to consider marble tiles made from composite, which is marble dust bound with resin. It is a nice alternative to solid marble and may suit your budget better. These days, you might want to check out something called Dark Emperador marble tiles. Honestly, it is difficult to tell the difference between natural marble and a composite.

In fact, try this test if you want to see for yourself. Find a showroom and look at Cappuccino tiles cut from natural marble, and then examine manufactured Cappuccino composite tiles. You will be hard pressed to tell them apart, as visually they are just about identical. You may be pleased with the composite or artificial marble, particularly if your remodeling job is subject to budget constraints.

Composite marble is often used for bathtubs, bathroom fixtures and shower trays, which can provide a home owner with a substantial savings on their renovation bill. And as for the Dark Emperador marble tiles, they originate from Spain and China, and they are strikingly beautiful in large kitchens and bathrooms. However, if you do not like the idea of using a dark tile in either room, consider the lighter beige tiles (like the Cappuccino ones). Their tone is mid-range and they are easy on the eye if you prefer less stark colors like white.

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