Some Not So Sweet News About Our Drinking Water

We already know that there are at least 2,100 contaminants in our drinking water. This is what we drink out of the tap in our kitchens and bathrooms, and sometimes outside from the hose in the yard. The horrid list of contaminants would knock your socks off it you took the time to track down all the crud that is in our supposedly safe drinking water. What adds even further insult is that we pay to drink this water, even as it puts our health in jeopardy.

If you know about the dangers of contaminated water, you are one step ahead of the crowd. However, there is some bad news. Most people do know that artificial sweeteners are highly dangerous to their health. This is no secret, and information about sucralose and other artificial sweeteners can be found all over the Internet. What is not common knowledge is that a recent study has scientifically proven that Splenda is a virulent contaminant in waste water, ground water and surface water in the USA. Where is a water distiller when you need one?

You should be worried because that sucralose/Splenda (and other similar products) was found in finished (treated) water, which means it survives the treatment process using chlorine or chloramines, and remains intact. Remember that sucralose has never been found to be safe for people, so when people drink or ingest it, it passes out of their body without changing its molecular structure and eventually winds up back in your kitchen tap. This means people continually ingest a dangerous chemical without knowing it.

The study took a close look at 19 drinking water treatment plants used to treat water for more than 28 million Americans. It was checked for the presence of sucralose, and found in 15 out of the 19 plants tested, and in the finished water of 13 of 17 plants and eight of 12 distribution systems. It bears repeating that synthetic compounds are not being broken down by the water treatment process.

That’s not all the bad news when it comes to sucralose in your drinking water. A study in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health revealed, among other things, that sucralose affects P-glycoprotein. It acted to reject crucial drugs used to treat heart conditions, AIDS patients and those undergoing chemotherapy by directing the medication back into the patient’s intestines, meaning it was not being absorbed. That means the medications were useless.

As for the other testing supposedly carried out by the FDA, it might be best if you just did the research on sucralose testing to find out the real story, not the one the makers of the product want you to hear so you buy their product. If you want to do your own research, you might like this site:

For the record, sucralose/Splenda is not sugar; it only starts its life as a sugar molecule, which then has three chlorine molecules added to it. The end result is a chemical that closely resembles the dangerous and toxic chemicals DDT and Agent Orange. Do you want to be drinking water with sucralose in it? Probably not! What can you do about it then? Invest in water distillation systems, because in regards to sucralose, water distillers remove it more effectively than any other method of water purification.

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