Research a Water Quality Test Company Before Spending Money

It is an odd twist when a laboratory that makes and distributes chemicals that pollute water offers drinking water tests.

“Just when you think that you have heard just about everything, along comes a story that involves a lab that makes, uses and releases man-made chemicals into the environment, and is now offering water quality tests,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water. “The chemicals they release ultimately contaminate water. How this is supposed to work, we’re not sure, but it does seem a bit like the fox guarding the hen house.”

This California lab either does not get the irony of what it is doing, or genuinely believes they are offering a valuable service for those worried about the quality of their water on tap. In either case this means the company is getting paid twice; once for their chemicals and the second time by someone wanting to test their home water for those same chemicals. What is wrong with that picture? To hold onto your sanity, get the safe and fresh water you deserve by using water distillers.

The analysis is touted as complying with an environmental laboratory accreditation program and is a certified full-service drinking water test that includes microbiological testing and shows low-level metals by inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy. There is no mention of whether or not these tests would also reveal any of the 2,100-plus contaminants already in the water. However, the lab does mention they know that drinking water quality is a major health issue given the high use of chemicals these days.

It is no secret that chemicals in our water are toxic and considered to be dangerous to human health, and may well cause symptoms that range from upset stomachs to diarrhea and even cancer or nerve damage. The stuff in our water today would scare any rational human being into action to ensure that they find a safe source of water for their families. That safe source of water, fresh and clean on demand, is accomplished by using water distillers or having water distillation systems installed at work and home.

Even if the lab is testing for other things like lead from old piping under a house, arsenic (which does occur naturally) and the detection of coliforms, it seems odd that on the one hand they would offer services for concerned homeowners to test their water quality and on the other, pollute with their own chemicals.

“Stranger things have apparently happened, but if you are concerned about your water quality and don’t know what to do about it, check out water distillers. That will make your life a whole lot easier and ensure that you are drinking safe water,” added Ward.

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