Improvements Noted In Latest SUV Safety Study Should Help Auto Insurance Rates

The latest news from auto safety experts is that sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are becoming safer. Electronic stability control (ESC) has lessened SUV deaths and crashes. This comes as welcome news to not only SUV drivers, but insurance companies who know how popular these vehicles are.

“We are glad to see these improvements and be able to offer auto insurance clients even better rates with these new developments,” said Vincent Payne, of Florida auto insurance provider AGIC Insurance, Inc. “This will make an impact on injuries, deaths, and damage that some of the crashes have caused on the roads.”

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported earlier in the fall that SUV deaths dropped by two-thirds in the latest year of reporting data. Besides ESC, SUVs are starting to incorporate front-end energy-absorbing structures that cars have used for many years. This means there are decreased chances that a SUV could override another vehicle in an accident and prevent the crash from affecting the front seat areas. Head-protecting side airbags have also been used in many of the new SUV models.

“The IIHS noted that from 2007 and beyond, SUV models come with many of these features as standard items in their vehicle lineup,” said Payne. “Safety features and a good driving record can help lessen your Florida car insurance premium too.”

Since SUVs have come more in line with car safety standards, the IIHS reports that pickups now cause more deadly accidents. Some cite their auto body weight, and the fact that trucks often carry heavy loads in the back for the cause of serious accidents. The IIHS said that pickups were slow to use ESC features, but in due time will become a feature that everyone wants in their vehicle.

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