Glass Tile Back In Vogue For Flooring and Kitchens Reports Champion Tile and Marble

Glass is making a comeback for homeowners looking for something unique to spice up their living space.

“You might recall that glass mosaic tiles have been on the market for a length of time,” remarked Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. “The interesting thing with those is that, over time, their popularity has been growing. The range of colors offered, the different sizes and the various choices of styles and shapes offer homeowners a really wonderful opportunity to get wildly creative doing home upgrades.”

Lately, there has been some controversy over the installation of the newer glass mosaic tiles, which has some contractors apprehensive. Overall though, with good planning and an understanding of how to install glass mosaic tiles, those apprehensions disappear once the job has gotten underway. It certainly is not the kind of project a homeowner would want to undertake on their own, and consulting with a Clearwater tile installation company will sort out any questions that may be on a homeowner’s mind.

“Generally speaking, these tiles offer a superb alternative for bathroom flooring, kitchens, patios, and entries. The designs are endless and the results can be quite striking,” added Dupre. For an installation to go without a hitch, good mortar mixing and spreading techniques and careful, accurate placement of the tiles is required. One problem that often occurs during placement is that the tiles lose bond. “More often than not, this is because high quality liquid latex wasn’t used; the kind that was specifically made for cement mortars,” said Dupre. “So, it takes more time to install and more care, but the end results are worth it.”
Take care in choosing the right kind of tile for the right kind of application. In other words, although you may use glass mosaic tiles just about anywhere from the spa to a pool and from the kitchen to the patio, it should be noted that high-quality tiles are the key to a superior finished product. Tiles are made to meet what is referred to as ANSI ratings for residential and commercial use and for inside and outside installations.

“The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing something you like when shopping for glass mosaic tiles. It’s an exciting world out there today, and it just keeps getting better and easier for homeowners to find something really smashing to enhance their living space,” said Dupre.

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