Flooring Experts Recommend Measuring a Space Twice Before Taking on a DIY Project

Do it yourself kind of homeowners will find their project easier if they take their time to do it right.

“There really is no limit to the kind of things a creative homeowner can accomplish on their own,” pointed out Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. “In particular, with the wide selection of various tiles on the market today, they are sure to find just exactly what they want to suit their style and personality.”

Many people do not realize that adding ceramic tiles in different areas of the home increases the value of their home later. This is because the extra style and flair make rooms with the tiles conversation pieces and add an air of elegance to what could have been something ordinary. Intricate styles often capture the attention of buyers who appreciate quality workmanship.

“So, if you do it yourself, do it right the first time, and take the care needed to make the project look stunning when it is completed,” added Dupre. “In other words, measure and work out the details of what you want at least twice before you proceed.”

One of the nice things about ceramic tiles is that they come in just about any size and shape a person could imagine. In fact, they have far more versatility than laminate or wood flooring, which is a very personal choice for a homeowner. Ceramic tiles are easy to use, and there is very little waste when a project is done, particularly if it is done the right way.

“What do you do to ensure things are done the right way?” asked Dupre. “No joke, but measure your available space at least twice before you buy any supplies. This will give you the parameters of what you need and the sizes and types of tile to use. Also, if you’re going to be working in a wet room, this limits your tile selection. So make a note of that when you go tile shopping.”

Once the project details are worked out, assess the different tile options available. What tiles will look good in the space? Get samples and take some home to try them out before buying anything. “You will have to live with your project for many years to come, so make sure you really like the tiles you choose,” Dupre suggested. If all the information for the project is available before it is started, this prevents the installer from running out of materials.

In the final analysis, if a homeowner does not want to try installing ceramic tile on their own, they can always make arrangements for a professional Clearwater tile installation.

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