Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Generate Reliable Senior Business Says Benepath CEO

Real time, exclusive Medicare supplement leads can be the backbone of an insurance business. Do not waste money on leads that are called to death.

“If you’re selling insurance, Medicare supplement leads need to be a major part of your business,” added Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of benepath.net in Pennsylvania. “This is a demographic that needs what you are selling, and with the possibility of mandatory insurance coming in 2014, real time Medicare supplement leads are worth their weight in gold. I’m not just talking about any old leads that are days old or that have gone to six or more agents before you get them. I’m talking about real time, exclusive to ‘you’ leads that can set you up to succeed.”

For those agents that have been there and done that, and discovered the leads they got were virtually worthless, this is an opportunity to check out. “You need quality leads to make it worth your while; quality leads which are pre-qualified, fresh and ready to go. Those kinds of leads are well worth not only the investment of your time to call them, but you will get a good ROI when you sell them a Medicare supplement,” Green pointed out.

Exclusive Medicare supplement leads help grow and expand an agent’s business and are a terrific way to source new and fresh prospects. The whole point of buying leads is to not only build a business, but save time trying to find leads the hard way. “Not that you can’t go out and knock on doors if that is what works best for you, but it is the hard road to building a successful business,” said Green. “Buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads is a lot less expensive than using direct mail leads – at least four times less expensive. That’s money in your pocket.”

Today’s economic climate is tough, but those agents who choose to invest their time and money in the right places, for the right things that ultimately pay off, will have a head start on building a solid insurance business over time. This business with good customers will keep coming back, year after year. The main attraction to buying exclusive Medicare supplement leads is that they are a pipeline that keeps on giving, and a business that will keep expanding as a result.

“If you have already tried buying leads and have had less than a stellar experience with them, for instance you got leads on the national Do Not Call list, then you likely ran across one of the places that sell leads that have been around the block too many times to count and were not properly checked,” Green said. “That is a waste of your time and money. You will do far better with Benepath’s real time leads. Try it. Read how other agents are now making a good profit. Our solid reputation is your guarantee of receiving quality, pre-qualified leads.”

What an agent needs is leads to come to them as set appointments from a captive audience, meaning one that is in need of the service an insurance agent is providing. For instance, Medicare supplements. If leads come in as set appointments, agents and brokers are able to use them when their timetable permits. This tends to increase business productivity and the financial bottom line. Talking to people who want what an insurance company has to offer only makes good marketing sense.

At all times, agents and brokers have control over how many leads they want and when they want them, as well as being able to specify territories and demographics if they wish. It is as easy as a few clicks on the computer to get exclusive Medicare supplement leads daily, which is a win-win situation for the potential customer and agent/broker. “If you want to reach a large number of seniors in a short amount of time, Benepath’s exclusive Medicare supplement leads will make that happen,” Green emphasized.

To learn more, visit http://www.benepath.com

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