Exclusive Group Insurance Leads Will Flock To You Once You Know How To Get Them

If you are fed up with getting trashy leads, you might want to opt in for exclusive group insurance leads instead.

Sometimes the word exclusive is thrown around by those who provide insurance leads in the hopes that you will spend your hard earned money with their lead generation service. The problem is, while they may generate leads, they are not generating exclusive group insurance leads. Instead, you are getting trash for the cash you paid to find business. What a waste of time and money.

So what is the solution? The solution is to get exclusive group insurance leads from a solid company that knows what it is doing, pre-qualifies the leads, sends them in real time and sends them when you want them. In other words, you want leads that will actually generate business, which is not so much to ask considering you run an insurance business.

Insurance professionals have many ways to generate leads, some the traditional way and some via signing up to have exclusive group insurance leads sent to their inbox on a schedule they prefer. While this is the ideal method for a busy insurance agent or broker, there are other methods to use in combination with your leads.

For instance, use Facebook. Not sure that it will work? Consider this, there are over a half a billion profiles online there right now. Smart insurance marketing says take advantage of the tools right in front of you that provide you instant access to insanely huge numbers of people. If you do not have a profile, get one. Then, create a group with a unique name that is not the name of your insurance agency. Say you sell Medicare supplements; then use a different name like “Real Medicare Supplements You Should Have”.

Once the group is set up, invite everyone you know to join and let people know you want to educate them about group life insurance or Medicare supplement insurance and load informative content that people can use on a regular basis. Wait for at least two weeks before you start marketing your products and services. This gives people time to know you first. Once they do, what you do for a living will come up in conversation naturally.

It takes time to do this kind of promotion, but if you combine it with incoming exclusive group insurance leads, you should make good progress towards your goal of growing your insurance business.

Clelland Green is with Benepath.net, a leader in providing health insurance leads. Benepath provides agents with exclusive health insurance leads and Medicare leads in just a few mouse clicks. To learn more, visit http://www.benepath.net.

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