Drivers Should Slow Down In Heavy Rain and Make Sure They Have Adequate Insurance

When it rains in Florida, it really pours. Even after the big summer rainy season, Florida drivers need to watch out for inclement weather. If a driver is in an area that is known for flooding during a strong storm, do not try to keep on driving. Turn around and seek shelter.

“Bad rain storms cause so many accidents,” said Orlando auto insurance agent Lee Rogers of the Florida Insurance Group. “Areas that are prone to flooding can total a car when the rising floodwaters take over the vehicle.”

In flood-prone parts of Orlando, it can be hard to know if debris or other issues lie underneath feet of water. Drivers should slow down, tune in to local radio stations for alerts, and think about if they really need to be out in traffic.

“It is also about being proactive if you have to go out in a rainstorm,” said Rogers. “Do you have an emergency kit in the car, is your cell phone charged, and do you have enough gas should it take you a lot longer to get to your destination?”

Part of this entails making sure that a driver’s Orlando auto insurance is sufficient should something happen to the vehicle. Rogers advises that drivers know how their policies would take care of the car being totaled, or if they were in an accident.

“It’s too late when you are driving through a flooded area to change your policy,” Rogers warned. “Call us ahead of time to review your collision and comprehensive coverage so you have peace of mind no matter the driving conditions.”

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