Distracted Driving Mishaps Can Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Distracted driving causes many auto accidents. As laws begin to ban texting throughout the U.S., cellphone providers are also starting to provide apps to help prevent the problem.

“These apps help prevent the temptation to answer an email, text, or call,” said Vincent Payne from Florida auto insurance company AGIC Insurance, Inc. “People won’t have to interrupt their driving to pay attention to what their cellphone is doing.”

For example, AT&T has launched a BlackBerry app called DriveMode that tells the person trying to reach the driver that he or she is driving and cannot respond. Users can customize the message or have the auto-response message get sent. As a free app, it is a no-brainer for drivers to start using much like an out of the office message.

“This is not only smart for everyday use, but will also help cut down on accidents that you could get in,” said Payne. “Distracted driving can cause an accident within seconds, which will hurt your driving record and affect your Florida car insurance rates.”

Before driving, the driver must turn on the app that will then disable web browsing, calls, emails and texts. Emergency 911 calls can still be made. The CTIA, an association of the wireless telecommunication industry worldwide, says that using a cellphone while driving can distract a person longer than other activities like eating, grooming, or turning the radio station. If a person must use a cellphone, hands-free options are far safer.

“Do not even be tempted to use a cellphone while at a red light, stop sign, or waiting for traffic to move,” said Payne. “It can cause an accident that can hurt you or another driver. The risks are not worth it.”

A vehicle’s safety features and an individual’s driving history can influence a Florida auto insurance quote. To learn more about how to get a great auto insurance premium, visit http://www.agicinsurance.com or call AGIC Insurance at 1-877-854-0123.

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