The Latest Safety Devices are Smart Options and Help with Auto Insurance Costs

The latest technology might seem like science fiction, but they are actually real products that focus on driver and passenger safety. Drivers are starting to see these features in new cars, and manufacturers are embracing these technologies to tout the latest safety innovations. Here are the latest devices that make driving safer.

Intelligent seat belts
Honda, Mazda, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz use smart seat belts in certain models. Belts tense up and the seat automatically adjusts should a crash occur. Ford and Lincoln use inflatable seat belts on some models, and even have them on the second row of seats. When a crash occurs, the belt inflates across the passenger’s chest to protect it from crash forces.

Lane warning systems
This type of system monitors images and lines on the road. Through camera and transponder data, the system will warn if you drift out of your lane. Some manufacturers signal thru a flashing light or an alarm.

Adaptive cruise control
This is the latest in cruise control that uses radar to monitor the distance between you and another vehicle. When a crash is about to happen, it will go into brake mode, tighten the seat belts, and release the airbags.

Adaptive head rests
These head rests will move higher and go forward to help prevent whiplash. Rear-end crashes are a common occurrence, so this will help lessen the chances of a neck injury.

Adaptive headlights are the newest innovation. These have a greater range of motion that allows the area around a corner to be more visible. Many auto manufacturers are using this along with daytime running lights.

Other Safety Devices
From breathalyzer ignition locks to driver eye scanning for the fatigued driver, manufacturers are working on devices that alarm the driver when these concerns occur. Most drivers know that driving drunk or when tired is wrong, but will they pay attention if an alarm goes off is the bigger question.

The Enhanced Basics
Tire pressure monitoring systems help detect air loss. This prevents accidents involving a tire blowout, which can be extremely dangerous if a vehicle is going high speeds on a busy highway. Telematics such as the OnStar communication system can alert emergency personnel after an accident, and even unlock doors and track a vehicle’s location if it is stolen.

Safety features such as these can greatly reduce auto accidents and the injuries and fatalities that are a reality of our roadways. They can also help to get a driver a reduction in their auto insurance premiums. Florida auto insurance company AGIC Insurance, Inc. helps drivers to get the best Florida auto insurance quote for their budget. They will help drivers shop around for the best policy and get peace of mind that the driver and passengers will be adequately protected.

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