Smelly and Gritty Water Remains a Drinking Hazard

Water comes in many forms, but if it tastes odd and is gritty, there is something seriously wrong. Do not drink it.

The next time you go to the tap for a drink of water, take a minute and think about what you are about to put into your body. Do you really know what is in the water you drink? Do you know there are more than 2,100 pollutants in today’s water, most of which cannot be filtered out at aging water filtration plants? This is a scary thought isn’t it?

Running for the bottled water will not make any difference either, as many companies are just using tap water. Sure, some places test their water on a regular basis, but they are not testing for the 2,100-plus toxins that are in our water today. Many tests are for bacteria and chlorine, but no one is looking for the street drugs, pesticides, hormones, contaminated wastewater and other gunk that finds its way into our water sources. Basically, the Environmental Protection Agency sets limits on whether water is a health hazard or not.

However, they do not include the full list of 2,100 contaminants either, which means while our water is considered to be safe for some contaminants, who knows how safe it is with the other stuff in it. This is one of the leading reasons why Americans would do well to have water distillers in their homes. At least they would have safe, fresh and contaminant free water on hand and on demand.

Could you test your water at home? Yes, you could, but again, it will reveal only a limited number of contaminants, not the complete spectrum of what you really should be worried about. It all boils down to taking care of yourself because no one else will. Authorities can insist the water is fine but is it? If you have doubts, have a family to protect and are worried about your health and what you drink from the tap, then invest in water distillers or water distillation systems for the home.

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