Interstate 75 Drivers in Florida Need to Take Precautions on Busy Highway

A father and son were thrown from their SUV in a rollover crash on I-75. Apparently the dad lost control of the vehicle and everyone was not wearing seatbelts. The two are dealing with serious injuries as they recover at St. Petersburg’s Bayfront Medical Center.

“There is no excuse for not wearing your seatbelt,” says Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. “This cannot only affect your life but make an impact on your Florida auto insurance policy. You don’t want to risk it over what takes less than a minute to buckle.”

Another incident further south on I-75 did not turn out so well. When a vehicle merged into traffic it hit the back of trailer. The auto with the trailer rolled over to the shoulder and ejected a man who was not wearing his seatbelt. He was pronounced dead at Lee Memorial Hospital. The driver and other passengers also went to the hospital for minor injuries.

“Unfortunately accidents like this are a reality and remind drivers that they need to protect themselves with smart driving practices and adequate insurance,” said Payne, who helps drivers obtain Florida auto insurance policies. “It is too late after an accident to get insurance or modify it to cover your concerns.”

Interstate 75 is more than 470 miles long in the state and covers most of the north-south route throughout Florida. As a main artery for drivers, it allows 70 mile per hour driving. As such, it is the site of many auto accidents. From accidents involving rollovers to merging incidents, driving at such a high speed with many lanes of traffic can prove deadly. I-75 has been the scene of wrong-way driving, accidents involving tire blowouts, and even incidents in road work zones.

“Drivers need to get in their car every day and make sure the tires are filled, that they are alert and able to drive, and have a game plan to get to their destination,” said Payne.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. helps drivers shop for the best Florida car insurance at a great value. They will take the time to explain a Florida auto insurance quote and what is needed to ensure a driver’s safety on the road.

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