Houston Immigration Integration Efforts Praised by White House

The White House Office of Public Engagement singled out Houston as a model city for immigrant integration. The city is home to 88 consulates and many community organizations dedicated to immigrants. Many of the city’s residents come from Latin America and Asia, and find a strong network to connect to when they arrive in Houston. More than 20 percent of the population is made up of immigrants. In a city of almost six million residents, this means that close to 1.3 million come from a diverse, international background.

“Houston is recognized to have a more favorable receiving community climate for immigrants than many cities and generally has well-informed stakeholders and community leaders,” said Stephanie Valencia, the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

In Houston, the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (MOIRA) helps with citizenship and immigration matters. The mayor and many community organizations offer classes and groups for immigrants to learn more about the city, the English language, and economic opportunities. The focus is on helping them integrate into society better and contribute to the local and regional economy. Many of the city’s citizenship programs help them get involved in social and cultural activities around the area.

The mayor’s office has an advisory committee that oversees all the immigration and refugee programs to ensure that programs utilize “…non-biased and non-discriminatory practices in the delivery of services and benefits for all.” MOIRA also has a very thorough guide for individuals who want to find out more about educational, civic, and legal resources.

Houston has received micro-loans for English as a Second Language programs and naturalization as there is such a big population to serve that the federal government sometimes needs to step in to help on a local level. Federal funds and support help to foster stronger foundations for immigrants across the country. Of particular concern is when immigrants are looking to get legal help. Many immigrants are being charged by unauthorized notarios to fill out forms and double billed for services. Individuals and their loved ones should only seek a qualified Houston immigration attorney that has handled hundreds of cases to successfully maintain their citizenship. Otherwise, online business and notarios without qualification can just lead to fraudulent fees and delayed proceedings.

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