H2o Labs Reports That Safe Drinking Water Options Exist When Nearby Land is Toxic

Coal tar and other dangerous chemicals kill long-term water drinkers. Cancer is the usual diagnosis, which is usually induced by exposure to benzene.

Where a person lives may be detrimental to their health. This is certainly the case with a man who lives on a piece of land currently being tested for dangerous chemicals from coal tar left behind from a former manufactured gas plant. Evidently, the gas came from various utility companies in the 19th century. Companies that heated coal created gas used for cooking, heating and lighting. The land the man lives on is the site of a gas company first built in 1880 and used continuously until 1949.

“Back then,” recounted Wardell, “there were no environmental protection regulations. The end result was that sites like this one were polluted with coal tar that leaves behind toxic benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. People who live in that area have legitimate concerns about their health and safety,” he added.

Despite the fact that the area is supposedly being cleaned up and investigated, there are no warning signs posted suggesting the public stay off the land or stay out of the local watering hole on the nearby river. The residents in the area are concerned not just about their own safety, but for the health and welfare of their children and grandkids. They wonder why there are no warning signs. They are also wondering why, if this particular investigation has been ongoing since 2005, it will take until 2013 to make any serious progress.

“The question on most people’s minds is what is taking so long to clean things up and why aren’t they more informed about water contamination and what to do about it,” Wardell pointed out. Facing situations like this is never easy for those affected and it is one of the many reasons why those in positions like this may want to consider installing water distillation systems.

The whole clean-up process in the neighborhood is slated to cost close to $5 billion, with about $2 million being earmarked for the piece of land this man lives on. One spot of good news is that in cases where residual coal tar is involved, it is typically at a depth of 10 feet below the surface and does not migrate that easily. Nonetheless, residents want to know about their water as there was contamination verified in the area groundwater.

In the meantime, with the ongoing investigation, soil sampling, digging, fencing and testing, area residents might want to consider another alternative for their drinking water. Water distillers are an alternative that would provide them with clean, fresh and safe water on demand. This will allow them to drink truly pure distilled water, without any concerns that it is contaminated.

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