Get a Postnuptial Agreement Before Your Marriage Falls Apart

One piece of paper can do a lot to save a marriage. For a couple who is on the brink of divorce, but does really want to stay together, a postnuptial agreement can help clear the air of any financial differences and other concerns the two have. This piece of paper can be just the shock to the relationship that a couple needs.

With the expertise of a family law attorney, disputes about spending, the kids, the family business, and even how many guys’ fishing trips and visits by the mother-in-law can be defined. Half of all family law attorneys surveyed nationwide have noted an increase of postnuptial agreements in the last few years.

For couples with issues that are causing a strain, the postnuptial can provide them a way to reset their behaviors and get back on a level playing field. If a budget has never been used in the household, this is a good time to set one and hold each spouse to it. If child raising duties need to be better divided, this is an opportunity to have each parent take their fair share.

The postnuptial agreement process will inform both spouses about each other’s financial status if they are not aware of it previously. For some couples, this is particularly helpful as it highlights what could occur if divorce were to happen. Hefty spousal support, child support, and liquidation of investments and savings could have occurred if the two had not worked hard to save their marriage.

This is exactly the premise behind getting a postnuptial agreement. The reality of what the couple has worked hard to create together could be divided if they split. If they can use the postnup opportunity to reframe their attitude toward each other and how they interact on a daily basis, the marriage can get back to its better days.

And if the postnuptial agreement does not work months or years down the line, the couple will already have some understanding of the family law system. They will have utilized one aspect to save their marriage before they call it quits.

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