Flood Insurance for Floridians Still Important in the Fall

The rainy season still continues in Florida in late summer and early fall. For the state’s residents, individuals cannot let their guard down until almost Thanksgiving when the hurricane season is officially over. The chance for flooding currently remains as the state gets drenched day after day by the typical showers brought on by the humidity.

“As the ground continues to be saturated, some homeowners’ properties cannot hold the inches of rain that happen daily,” said Orlando home insurance representative Lee Rogers, of the Florida Insurance Group. “Flooding to the main residence or a detached structure with valuables can be an expensive reality without the adequate insurance.”

Homeowners need to protect themselves with a separate flood insurance policy, as damage due to rising waters is not covered in a typical homeowners insurance policy. For individuals that do not live in a flood zone, policies are inexpensive. Deductibles do vary, so a Florida homeowners insurance agent can go over what is the best policy for the value.

“For areas that are prone to flooding, most lenders require you get flood insurance,” said Rogers, who also helps with Orlando flood insurance policies. “You want to consider what the records show about the history of flooding in your area and take precautions in heavy storms and hurricanes.”

It is important to know evacuation routes ahead of time, or have enough groceries on hand if a bad storm would cause power outages and flooding. Emergency kits with first aid supplies, a battery operated radio, daily medication, and flashlights are essential. The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes reminds homeowners that driving in two feet of water can put an auto in peril. Driving or wading through floodwaters can conceal dangers in the water, so it is best to turn around and wait until it is safe again.

“It is smart to take an inventory of your household before a flood occurs,” said Rogers. “Then should damage happen, you are more prepared and can just document what has occurred through photos. This will be very beneficial to you and the insurance adjuster when a disaster happens.”

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