Blue-Green Algae Surfaces In Some Cities’ Drinking Water

You might not see blue-green algae in your water from the tap, but you can smell it. You definitely do not want to drink it as many forms of blue-green algae are toxic. This can kill humans and animals. So if a town’s water source is contaminated with toxic blue green algae, who in their right mind would be drinking it? The answer to that would be likely no one. Who could even get past the smell? In situations like that, the best alternative to have on hand for fresh water on demand is water distillers or water distillation systems installed in the home and office areas.

Lowell, Oregon has been told for the fourth year running that their water is polluted with blue-green algae, and after four years, they are now going to test it to see if it is really toxic or not. There are apparently different varieties of algae, some not as potent as the blue-green strain. That however begs the question of why it took city administrators four years to get their act together and start doing some tests. Additionally, whose definition of acceptable algae contamination do people want to accept? Why risk any amount of algae in the water?

The city has about 1,000 residents that are on pins and needles waiting to find out what the latest results are in testing their water. In the meantime, they have been told not to drink or touch the water. While city officials indicate that some of the algae may be filtered out by water purification plants, this varied from place to place. This is hardly reassuring coming from the people who are supposed to protect the water supply. This is all the more reason to consider investing in water distillers, as there is no question whether or not the water is safe when using them.

Oddly, the city also pointed out that they do not believe the algae is in the treated water because of their treatment process and where the water intake for the city is in an area where algae growth does not normally happen. What are the odds that this statement would not be true? Who would want to chance it either? Additionally, testing done over the last three years has indicated the algae’s presence in the reservoir and not the city’s drinking water. But who guarantees that?

The most astonishing thing that was said by city officials is that for residents to be safe, they might want to start drinking bottled water. This is definitely not good advice given the fact that a large proportion of bottled water is just tap water with a fancy name and a couple of passes through an ultra-violet light. This process achieves nothing to combat the 2,100-plus contaminants in today’s water. Stick to water distillers as they are safe.

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