As Late Summer Approaches, Make Sure Your Hurricane Deductible is Affordable

Orlando, Fla. – With the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean waters heating up dramatically, the 2011 hurricane season is now fully underway. Many homeowners should take the time to review their insurer’s hurricane policy even if they are not in an evacuation zone. Homeowners need to look at their hurricane deductible to make sure that the deductible amount is still affordable. Normal home insurance deductibles are a flat amount, whereas hurricane deductibles are a percentage.

“Before a disaster strikes is the time to research your policy, update your home inventory, and review your plan with the family should a bad storm pass over the area,” said Lee Rogers of the Florida Insurance Group.

Homeowners should also know what their policy covers for wind, water, and flood damage. Wind damage is covered in standard policies, and some water damage is covered. Flood insurance, which is separate, is needed for rising waters, water that could come through a home’s foundation, and even backed-up sewers. Otherwise, without flood insurance a homeowner could be liable for the damage out of their financial reserves.

“The good news is that if you are not in a flood zone, you can get flood insurance for super affordable rates,” said Rogers. “Homeowners need to call us before a named storm enters nearby waters to modify their policy. We cannot change coverage when a storm is approaching.”

Hurricane policies should also include monies for needing to replace property, make alternate living arrangements, and get much-needed repairs after a serious storm. In Orlando, the Florida Insurance Group has helped homeowners for more than 20 years get a policy that gives them peace of mind. They shop more than 20 Orlando home insurance companies to make sure their clients get the best policy for their money. To learn more call 1.888.525.2210 or visit

Milla Tawnie writes for Orlando auto insurance and Orlando home insurance agency, the Florida Insurance Group. To learn more or to get auto and home insurance quotes, visit

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