Alternatives Exist When Pre-Existing Conditions Limit Health Insurance Options

Pre-existing medical conditions are very common today. In fact, one in five Americans lives with one.

While it might not seem like a big deal to have a pre-existing condition, insurance companies often look at this as something that disqualifies you for insurance. Yes it depends on the particular condition, but nonetheless, it is discouraging to try and get affordable health insurance and find out you cannot get it.

If the Affordable Care Act does go into effect in 2014, insurance companies will not be allowed to do that any longer. Since health reform is up in the air thanks to the recent court decisions that said you cannot force people to buy insurance, who knows what 2014 will bring. In the meantime, what do people who cannot get affordable health insurance do?

There is an alternative that might work for many, and that is the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan available in every state. This plan helps those who cannot get health insurance and is able to offer a fairly wide range of benefits. Those include specialty care, hospital care, primary care and even drug coverage. Sounds good doesn’t it? The baffling thing is although there are at least 57 million Americans with pre-existing health issues who are uninsured or who are paying steep premiums for coverage, there are less than 19,000 people who have taken advantage of this plan in their state.

It seems that the glitch to get into this plan is the waiting period. The price is great, the coverage is great, but you have to go without any insurance of any kind for at least a six-month period before you apply. If a person needs daily medications or has diabetes going without health insurance for six months just is not possible.

Non- insurance health plans bridge the gap between your private insurance and the affordable government coverage and are marketed to a very large group of people. The more members involved in these plans, the better the prices offered to members for various services. Discounts have been known to range from 25 to 80 percent for prescription drugs, doctor visits, vision services and medical supplies.

These kinds of programs tend to be fairly cost effective and affordable, and in some cases, for a little as $50 a month you may get coverage for the whole family. Typically, there are no contracts and benefits kick in as soon as you have signed on the dotted line.

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