Affordable Solutions Exist to Help Homeowners Combat Bad Tap Water

Areas with solution channels and sinkholes are ripe for contaminated water. This town found that out the hard way.

“When small town America discovers they have a contaminated water problem, nine times out of ten, no one really knows what to do about it,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water. “People are left hanging, wondering about their water and authorities are struggling with how to make things better, by either cleaning things up, if possible, or piping water in from somewhere else, which may be another can of worms. Rarely do people think about using water distillers –the perfect solution to contaminated water.”

Take the story of Raspberry Falls. It has been at least five years since they first found bacteria in their well. Testing has been on a continuous basis since then, with the water being treated with low levels of chlorine (another contaminant). Eventually, the Virginia Department of Health said the liquid met public health standards. Residents are not so sure that is the case and are openly wondering about the safety of their families. They do not want their family to be drinking water with coliform present.

The matter is still under review to determine the best way to solve the problem. “Many local residents just want them to get on with it and give them safe water, not dilly-dally around with political issues, money questions and what if scenarios,” added Wardell. “In the meantime, residents are wondering what they need to do to ensure they do have safe water to drink.”

Some have suggested they will turn to bottled water, but in reality, this is not a good option as much of bottled water today is tap water from the same sources the community gets their contaminated water. In reality, residents would be far better served by installing water distillation systems in their homes. They would not have any further questions about how safe their water is with water distillers in the home. It is clean, fresh and safe water on hand and on demand.

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