Water that Smelled Like Diesel Fuel Shut Down Multiple Businesses Reports H2oLabs

Asheville, North Carolina has been in the news for bad water. This kind of incident happens across America on a regular basis.

It was an ordinary day, until someone went to get a glass of water and reeled back in disgust when they got a good whiff of what came out of the tap. Those who were brave enough to actually try it, despite the taste, ended up spitting it out. If they had access to water distillers, those people would have been able to have that drink of refreshing water, without having to worry about the tap water.

Tests of the water showed high levels of xylene and napthaline, which in plain English are a paint solvent or thinner and something roughly equal to mothballs. Hardly something people would want to ingest. Turns out the chemicals were being leaked into the water system by a customer who did not know he had a back-flow issue, which is something that happens when lines or hoses are left open in a container holding other substances.

“The stuff gets sucked back into the line anytime there is a pressure change in the system,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for H2olabs.com, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water.

In situations like this, it becomes starkly evident that people need to have another, alternative source of drinking water. One that they have control over and can produce what they need on demand. The perfect solution for dealing with a crisis such as this one is to invest in water distillers or have a water distillation system installed in their homes and/or businesses.

“Distilled water is the way Mother Nature intended it to be; fresh, clean and safe and it can be done on demand. Water distillers are worth their weight in gold, and anytime there is a problem with the tap water, it need not affect those with a water distillation system,” Wardell said.

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