Vinyl Planks a Great Option for High Traffic Areas in the Home says Champion Tile and Marble

For high traffic areas, choose flooring that handles anything and still looks great. Vinyl is a good choice.

“Typically, when people want to do something to upgrade their home, they start with the kitchen. It’s the best place to start, as they can get just about everything in it made over to their preferences, from cabinets to countertops. They could also buy flooring and install it on their own. While this is doable for the handyman, we don’t recommend it, because often, less expensive flooring options won’t stand up to what you need it for in the home. In other words, you get what you pay for. If you’re going to spend the money on flooring, why not spend it on vinyl planks, that are far more durable than cheap flooring tiles,” said Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

The luxury vinyl planks on the market today are ideal for high traffic areas, and if there are also animals in the home, they are even better. They do not scuff, scratch, get scraped and do not mind things being spilled on them. Talk about versatility.

“This product is well known for how fast it bounces back from any damage it may sustain, and it’s very popular as an alternative to vinyl tiles and laminate flooring. It doesn’t warp or buckle easily and looks good for a very long time. It’s stain resistant, cleans like a dream and easy to live with,” Dupre said.

The other nice thing about vinyl planks is the old flooring does not have to be taken up. So long as the floor is level, the planks can be cut to size before installation and glued down. Simple. Easy. Very appealing. Add base molding, and the overall look is quite clean and professional looking. This flooring does not take all day to install; yet another reason why homeowners really like it.

Caring for vinyl planking takes mere minutes, and only requires generic cleaning supplies. The only way to damage this flooring is to overuse bleach or other caustic chemicals. “How quick and easy is that? And, unless someone gets down on their hands and knees and feels the floor, no one will know the floor is vinyl planking. They will only know that it looks like stone, marble or hardwood flooring. Sweet,” Dupre said.

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