The Skin IQ™ Mattress Cover Does More to Lower Costs of Pressure Ulcers

Tampa, Fla. – With the current economic climate, hospitals and long-term care facilities are looking to find innovative ways to cut costs. It is not every day that new products make their way into a patient’s room that cut down health care costs, workload, and the cost of medical treatment.

“We were floored when we found the Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager,” said Vascular PRN’s president Greg Grambor. “This KCI coverlet costs $6 a day versus low air loss mattresses that usually cost our clients $30 a day.”

Vascular PRN™ provides compression therapy equipment to treat ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, and lymphedema, so they uniquely know the pressures that nurses, hospital directors, and nursing home administrators are under to save money. Every day they help specialists in long-term and critical care centers to find the right products at the best value.

“Pressure ulcers are a major cost and cause more treatment, regulatory fines, and the potential for a lawsuit in health care settings every day,” said Grambor. “For KCI to address this big need is huge to prevent and manage a patient’s skin breakdown and pressure ulcers.”

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel says that, “Support surfaces are an integral part of any plan of care for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.” The Skin IQ™ waterproof mattress cover promotes healing and addresses the variety of challenges an immobile person has. It reduces moisture from the skin’s surface, reduces skin temperature while maintaining a patient’s comfort, and has powerful odor control features. KCI’s case studies show that patients with stool incontinence, skin breakdown, bariatric concerns, and associated issues can greatly benefit from using the Skin IQ™ within days or a few weeks.

“The Skin IQ™ is 30 percent better than the average healthcare facility mattress cover,” said Grambor. “It is easy to use and fits over any pressure re-distribution mattress.”

The Skin IQ™ pulls air down through the mattress cover and cools a patient’s contact points while pulling moisture away. This is more effective than low air loss, which blows warmed room air up through the mattress. A Skin IQ™ mattress cover prevents new pressure ulcers and better treats existing ones, thus helping the health care field to lower their overall costs on the non-reimbursable, “never events” of decubitus ulcers.

To learn more, visit or call 800-886-4331. Vascular PRN’s website at is the go-to site for directors of nursing, nursing home administrators, and medical professionals to find out more about the Skin IQ™ MCM and compression therapy. The site spotlights industry news, frequently asked questions, and director of nursing and healthcare jobs.

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