The First Steps After an Accident are the Most Critical

After an accident occurs, many people become frustrated about the first steps they should take. The drivers should definitely exchange information and insurance contact numbers so that any vehicle or personal injuries can be taken care of in a timely manner. Be sure to not get in a confrontation with the other driver, as unfortunately you do not know the caliber of the person that has just hit you and how they could harm you.

The police should be called so that a full crash report is completed. This is critical so that the insurance company can compensate you for damages and shows who or what caused the crash. Otherwise a crash can become a situation of one word against another person’s. Especially if you find that the other driver is uninsured, you want as complete a record of the accident as possible so your insurance company can pursue action against them. Also, if you have suffered physical injuries you should seek medical attention immediately.
Taking pictures at the scene of the accident is helpful to your insurance company to show the fault and extent of the damage that the other driver caused. Same goes for any eyewitnesses. Their contact information and statements make your claim stronger. As soon as possible, call your auto insurance company to start a claim against the other driver’s insurance.

From here, you will want to get repair estimates to know how much it will be to fix your vehicle back to normal. Drivers should get quality parts to repair the auto and a paint job as needed to fix cosmetic damages. An insurance company will want to get a printout of the itemized list to then assess the costs. This is when the insurance claims adjuster will sometimes get in touch with you to inspect the vehicle, meet with you, or contact the auto repair shop to verify the extent of the damage.

When the adjuster signs off on the repairs needed, a check will be sent to you for that amount. A property damage release will then be sent to close out the claim file. At this point, no more claims can be made due to the accident, so be sure to know the full extent of your auto damage and medical concerns at this time.

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