Standalone Health Insurance Plans a Great Fit for Active Americans

Accident health insurance plans are an attractive option for many Americans. These plans are in the indemnity category.
What on earth are indemnities and what do they do? Accident health insurance plans are a personal injury insurance plan, which simply means the coverage compensates you for damage, loss or injury through a cash payment to you or the health care professional. These plans are guaranteed issue, which means you do not have to answer probing health questions when you apply. With this kind of plan, Americans get service from many medical professionals, hospital and urgent care facilities.

If you like the idea of choosing your benefit amount, then you can with these types of plans – anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. The amount is paid per accident or injury and a typical deductible is about $100, with other hospital bills paid up to your policy maximum. You also get to choose any doctor you want, which is a very appealing feature.

You need to clearly understand that this kind of health insurance is not insurance per se, but instead a type of accident medical expense plan – another alternative to health insurance. With this kind of coverage, you are taken care of for bodily injuries only, not illnesses, and the main focus is paying for the emergency room. If you have ever been there, you know bills are costly at a hospital, and many of them take years to pay. With an indemnity, you tend to have affordable monthly dues, everyone that applies typically qualifies, benefits are paid out to any licensed medical facility or health professional, there are no health questions to answer during enrollment, and acceptance is automatic to age 64.

If you think this is something that may appeal to you and suit your circumstances, you should check it out. It is always a good thing to have several choices when deciding what to do about health insurance.

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