Severe Thunderstorms Remind Drivers to Be Cautious in Bad Weather

Tampa, Fla. – Florida is known for its summertime storms. In some instances, the rain and lightning can make for treacherous conditions. A semi truck recently lost control as storms hit the downtown Tampa area and crashed into a Mercedes. All southbound lanes on I-275 were blocked, putting a damper on the morning rush to work.

Drivers need to be particularly cautious when extreme thunderstorms hit the area. From driving slower to being mindful of urban flooding, drivers need to be aware that road hazards increase in the summertime. The Florida Highway Patrol says that drivers should slow down to avoid hydroplaning and pay attention. If there is a flooded area, turn around as it is hard to know if there is debris or other hazards that are on the roadway.

“Before you drive in bad weather, make sure you check the local news to decide if you really need to go out,” said Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. “You do not want to damage your car or hurt yourself in these types of storms and driving conditions.”

Payne said these bad storms remind drivers to be thinking of the height of the hurricane season that happens from late August through early October. Drivers should make sure their Florida auto insurance is adequate and they have a plan should an area need to be evacuated.

“Should a hurricane happen, you want to make sure that your vehicle is in good working order, you have enough food and supplies, and decide to depart early,” Payne said.

The Florida car insurance agents at AGIC Insurance, Inc. will review a driver’s auto insurance to make sure it is sufficient should a bad storm or hurricane occur. They are known for reasonable Florida auto insurance quotes, and partner with top-notch medical care and repair centers should a driver need these services. AGIC has a deductible program that lets a driver cut their deductible in half when a preferred provider for health concerns and auto repairs is used. To learn more, click on or call 1-877-854-0123.