Serious Auto Accidents a Reminder for Drivers to Review Their Auto Insurance

Orlando, Fla. – The recent Orlando headlines are filled with auto accidents. One driver under the influence of prescription pills crashed her car. Another accident closed State Road 415 outside of Sanford. And five people were injured in a two vehicle crash off Colonial Drive. With more than 1.5 million residents and countless tourists, Orlando area drivers need to protect themselves and their assets with adequate car insurance.

“Many people think a bad car accident will never happen to them,” said Lee Rogers from Florida Insurance Group. “It is too late to get better insurance after an accident occurs.”

Drivers are urged to be proactive to ensure that their auto insurance has ample coverage for all the important factors that need to be addressed before an accident. First, with bodily injury, drivers need to consider what could happen to themselves and their passengers in a serious car accident. Medical treatment, prescriptions, and therapies sometimes need to be used for weeks and months for a person to heal. Without adequate coverage, an individual would have to pay the bill out of their savings.

“This coverage is important too because it will cover legal and court expenses if you were the one to cause the accident and be sued,” said Rogers. “The amount your protect yourself with is per person and accident.”

Uninsured motorist coverage is also critical to get when the other driver does not have sufficient or any insurance. Usually a driver will get the same coverage limits as the bodily injury amount. The coverage pays for injuries and associated costs. In Florida, uninsured motorists make up to 24 percent of all drivers on the road, so this is a reality a driver must address before it is too late.

“Drivers should get these basics in their policies and also go over what is the right deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage for their budget,” said Rogers. “We will go over every step to make sure you feel comfortable about your auto insurance.”

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