Most Americans Do Not Realize Their Bottled Water is Contaminated Tap Water

Americans do not realize that most of the bottled water touted as being safe is actually contaminated tap water.

“This is a scary thought, but in actual fact it is a reality,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that makes truly pure distilled water. “The fact is that a large portion of the bottled water sold across the nation is contaminated tap water. It is contaminated at the source and the bottler may just use a UV filter or reverse osmosis to call it safe. But it is not. Only water distillers have the capability to offer consumers safe, clean and fresh water you can rely on all the time.”

Undoubtedly everyone has at one time or another participated in the great debate over what is safer – tap or bottled water. There are many reasons for drinking one type over the other, but when both end up being the same, this is something that shocks consumers. “Kind of a waste of money isn’t it? If you are going to drink contaminated tap water, you might as well do it at home and save the expense of buying it in bottles,” added Wardell. “Oddly, most surveys show Americans think bottled water is the safest and it’s not.”

A recent study done by the Environmental Working Group revealed that the top 10 leading brands of bottled water have 38 chemicals and other contaminants in it, including solvents, acetaminophen, caffeine, bacteria, fertilizer and radioactive strontium. “And you’re drinking this concoction, thinking it is safe,” Wardell indicated. “Many of the pollutants came from tap water, which a lot of bottlers use as their source, and other contaminants leach from the plastic bottle itself.”

The thing that should concern people is that even though these contaminants were present in the supposedly safe bottled water, the brands tested meet federal health standards for drinking water. “Now what does that say about government trying to provide us with safe water? Sadly, there are no standards that mandate bottled water needs to be any better, safer or purer than tap water,” stated Wardell. “The other frightening revelation is that out of the brands tested, there were at least two that did not even meet the state standards. The only safe water to be drinking is water from water distillers.”

While it is true that tap water regulation is the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they do not seem to be too interested in doing much about it. Even limited testing on tap water shows at least 260 toxic pollutants in the water supply that people are drinking. The FDA has no safety standards in place for 141 of them. “The ultimate irony is that even the EPA’s scientists suggest there are at least 600 chlorine byproducts that should be tested for and regulated,” Wardell pointed out.

The bottom line – bottled water is not any less contaminated than tap water, but it costs around 1,900 times more. “Americans deserve and ought to expect better,” suggested Wardell. “Luckily we have the ability to get safe water by using water distillers or installing water distillation systems.”

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