Marble Tile Creates a Classic, Distinctive Look

Nothing says class and elegance quite like marble tile. Think about the resale value as well.

For the best look you could possibly ever want in your home, consider using marble tile. It is an elegant addition and not that hard to install. In fact, it is accomplished in much the same manner as installing ceramic tiles. The major difference of course, is the difference in the look when you are done.

The nice thing about marble is that it is a totally natural material that is mined from the earth. It is a type of limestone and has been around for centuries. Marble is a timeless, revered stone that originally adorned churches. So when it comes to beautifying your home, it can be stunning.

Marble is loved for its versatility and natural color variations. People are most impressed with the color variations when they use marble to redo their interior spaces. There is one thing you should be aware of, and that is that the natural veining present in marble is a small crack, which means these locations can possibly develop cracks later.

If you are a dedicated do-it-yourself type, then be careful when installing these tiles and make sure the base is solid and completely flat so there is no give. If you do not take the time to lay it correctly, you can end up with cracked tiles.

Another thing to watch out for is something installers refer to as lippage. What this means is that there is a variation in the height of the tile edges when installed. This is directly due to the fact that when the tile is ground from the slabs, the heat generated during the process results in different thicknesses in each tile. While this is not a huge drawback to self installation, you do need to be aware of this and correct for it.

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